James Bissell-Thomas

After Art college, James  started his arts career by working and an apprentice printmaker for  artist Anthony Benjamin (1931-2002), this was during the late 1970's and  his pay for a 5 day week was a just £8, in order to make ends meet  James would often have to cycle  the twelve miles to the Islington print  studio. When asking for a pay rise after 6 months which was declined,   James  left and set up his Fat Rat Print Studio having made his own  intaglio printing press.

The studio soon changed its name  to Longtail Prints and James specialised in etchings /aquatints of  exotic birds framed in a steamed wood 3-dimensional frame, looking like a  traditional birdcage. Longtail prints had the best selling prints at  Liberties for several years and also proved best sellers at Genteral  Trading Co in their Chelsea store. 

James during this time worked  on a board game with his brother (Jungle Eyes Cism Love)  called "The  Game" where he  made numerous illustrations, to support your  character trying to survive and find power and followers, in order to  survive and progress in the grim reality of the Dark Ages. The game was  never completed.

James next venture was more antiques related  however after much research in 1991 he revived  the lost art of  traditional globe making in the UK  with his company Greaves &  Thomas,  this led to artistic globes such as Alices celestial Globe,  Holbein's Globe, Antipodean Globe, Shakespeares' Globe, Small World  Globe and his intriguing Hermetic Globe jointing his more traditional  collection. He has also worked with numerous artists so that they can  make something spherical.

Transforming his old Globe Works on  Johnson's Island into an arts community will mean that artworks not  globe related will also turn up every now and then.

For the  September Show James will be exhibiting a 30" diameter Alice Globe which  was conceived and first made at Johnson's island in the late 1990's.